About Us

Why Choose 9 to 5 Search?

Talent, experience and cultural fit. It is the trifecta of successful staffing; but not as easy as it sounds. In fact, many staffing and recruiting firms are more concerned with delivering a warm body than they are in wielding the elbow grease and insight to find a truly ideal fit. At 9 to 5 Search, excellence is our culture… and we want it to be yours, too.

Beyond the foundational requirements of the position – which our 9 to 5 Search team vets to the Nth degree – we work long and hard to determine top candidates based on the work ethic, innovation and behaviors our clients value most. We care about the way you do business because this insight is essential to finding the right cultural fit.

Small but Mighty

(and we like it that way)

9 to 5 Search is a boutique firm that delivers big firm results. Along with our sister company, 10 til 2, our team of experts has been working with area businesses and putting Denver to work for more than 15 years. We carved a name for ourselves and earned the respect of the community as a stealth, efficient and effective staffing solution that survived and thrived during the extreme employment cycles of the last decade. While we began our business as the cutting edge (and highly lauded) part-time staffing firm 10 til 2, we recently adapted and expanded our suite of services to more fully encompass full-time staffing and recruiting. We specialize in Finance and Accounting, Marketing, and Administration and have consistently and successfully staffed nearly every type of office job imaginable, from Administrative Assistants to CEOs.

Our Success is Defined by Our Clients' Success

It all goes back to our purpose: Helping Colorado businesses acquire the best talent available so they can aim high, swing big and succeed beyond their expectations. And we will be right behind them applauding them every step of the way.